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Accounting Outsourcing

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Accounting Outsourcing costa rica

Accounting Outsourcing

MBO provides accounting outsourcing in Costa Rica which is performed by a high-level accounting group, focused on the advisory, management, assistance and outsourcing of the companies’ accountable processes, financial/accounting transaction processing, optimization of processes, controls, and training of companies’ teams by designing alternative solutions based on the commitment with our clients in order to allow them to reach their own goals.
In summary, MBO offers the accounting outsourcing which includes the following:

  • Registration and analysis of accounting transactions
  • Reconciliation of accounting registers
  • Bank accounts reconciliation
  • Reconciliation and control of accounts receivables and accounts payables
  • Preparation of accounting ledgers and sub-ledgers as per applicable standards and legislation in force, internal reporting package as per specific requirements by the client
  • Preparation of the Financial Statements (as per IFRS and applicable local legislation in force)
  • Accounting supervision assistance and accounting advisory services
  • Issue of accounting certifications
  • Review and accounting reconstruction and restructuring processes
  • Review and creation of accounting policies and procedures
  • Assistance in the legal accounting books update
  • Assets’ control
  • Multiple assistance and advisory of the companies operating under the Free Trade Zone Regime

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