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Benard & Asociados network mbo

AAF Consulting

We provide a wide range of services to your business, we are experienced certified public accountants and certified fraud examiners with over 20 years of domestic and international experience, we tailor to your specific needs. Beyond accounting and compliance services, we provide solutions.

Buró Jurídico Centroamericano network mbo

Aphineon Partners

We are a team of professionals with the highest qualification, extensive experience (+20) in international operations and in the management of important national and international firms. With global coverage in our international operations, through our network of local experts, managed centrally over several years, which ensures control, provides consistency in execution and a single point of contact for all its subsidiaries.

Benard & Asociados network mbo

Benard & Asociados

Buró Jurídico Centroamericano network mbo

Buró Jurídico Centroamericano

Buró Jurídico Centroamericano network mbo

Buró Jurídico Centroamericano

Specialist in actuarial services to evaluate defined benefit pension regimes, estimate insurance and pension reserves, calculate and update insurance and reinsurance rates, and for dynamic financial actuarial modeling of their risks, among others. This allows companies to comply with international accounting and financial reporting standards, with the risk and solvency management regulations established by regulatory and supervisory bodies.

GTI network mbo

GTI (Gestión en Tecnología e Información)

It is a company that was born with the objective of supplying a series of technological needs in different fields of public or private business, as well as for liberal professionals.

GTI offers its clients the possibility of streamlining the collection, collection and tax procedures with the security provided by the company in the electronic exchange of data. The support is evidenced by the more than 300 clients who use electronic invoicing, as well as the more than 150 thousand monthly transactions regarding online collection generated.

The commitment to advance in the range of technological services, digital renewal, with qualified and personalized human resources make GTI S.A., an ideal company to accompany you in the administrative improvement of your professional practice or from the company you represent.

Thanks to our complete range of products and services, we are able to comprehensively satisfy all communication needs with people and corporations in Costa Rica.

LATAMLEX network mbo


In order to maximize the business potential of each of its clients, our LATAM LEX offices share specialization in different legal areas, such as:

• Corporate law.
• Fusions and acquisitions.
• Administrative law and competition law.
• Constitutional.
• Financial, banking and stock Exchange.
• Hydrocarbons and energy.
• Real estate.
• Labor and immigration.
• Litigation and arbitration.
• Environmental.
• Estate planning.
• Intellectual property.
• Tax and insurance.

LATAM LEX stands out for its continuous specialization and training in each practice area they represent. Our team of lawyers is considered unique in the region for our professionalism, vast experience and high-level network of local contacts in the Central American business sector.

LATAMLEX network mbo

Mendoza y Asociados

Taking into consideration how important it is for our clients to have reliable and timely information about their businesses for decision making; We are committed to the continuous training of our team of professionals, the constant exchange of experiences, updating and acquiring new technological tools and the development of an appropriate methodology for the execution of our services in a personalized way and hand in hand with professional standards.

The firm is strictly run under the norms, principles, values and the Code of Ethics that regulate the profession of the Certified Public Accountant in the Republic of Panama; providing the trust required by our clients, government and regulatory institutions, financial entities and the general public.

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