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Business Management Is Easier with Us

MBO’s team of top-level professionals provide their clients specialized advisory service in areas such as multidisciplinary financial consulting, corporate restructuring analysis, creation of alternative solutions, accounting outsourcing, tax compliance, administrative assistance, and IT solutions.

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Top-Level Business Services

MBO (Multiple Business Service)’s multidisciplinary regional top-level team of professionals provides specialized advice to its clients in such areas as finance, accounting, tax and business administration.

Your Right Hand Men

Experts in administrative, accounting, tax and financial advisory assisting in business management.

Multidisciplinary Regional Team

A multidisciplinary regional team formed by highly trained professionals who have an extensive experience.

Excellency in Our Services

Services subject to competitive and accessible fees, excellent professional treat and customized client’s service.

International Scope

MBO has established its offices in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, and it offers its services in the rest of the Latin American countries, USA and Europe through its strategic alliance with its Network.

How Your Business Management Is Easier with Us

Integral Financial Advisory

We are expert advisors in diverse areas of financial consulting, including capital structuring, business and brand valuations, project evaluation, data projections, financial analysis, budgeting, and cash flows elaboration, measuring and projection.


Tax Compliance

We help you to make sure that your business is always up to date with its local tax compliance: our services include not only tax compliance preventive reviews, but also we offer assistance in order to properly comply with your own obligations and formal duties on a local level and assist you with procedures to local authorities.

Accounting Outsourcing

We offer multiple accounting outsourcing processes, including public certification issuing services, accounting reconstructions, legal accounting books update, physical assets’ inventories and company’s outsourcing assistance in diverse audit processes.

MBO Legal

As part of our integral corporate advisory services, we have professionals who can provide legal services at the highest level and related to your needs and third parties’ including authorities, banks or even business partners.

Administrative Assistance

Assistance in structuring administrative, corporate, financial and accounting processes, bank’s procedures, payroll management, invoicing services, assistance in obtaining operating permits, implementation & measurement of internal controls, brand registration, among others like “start-up” advisory.

IT Solutions

Through our Network, we design and offer our clients alternative solutions of ERP for small, medium-sized and big companies.

MBO Legal

Multidisciplinary service of the highest level of comprehensive financial audit, including issuance of certifications and professional advisory services by the audit team for the purpose of an adequate analysis and examination of Company´s transactions and accounting operations, to determine whether the financial information produced by the entity is reliable, timely and helpful.

Our Multidisciplinary Team

We consider that, in accordance with the pre-established scope of our service developed by our multidisciplinary team, the implementation of our processes of advising, outsourcing, and comprehensive actions could mitigate any potential contingencies and/or risks, making it possible to enhance your company’s ability to achieve its corporate objectives and streamline internal processes and controls in the business plan established for the short, medium, and long range.

Years of experience of our team

Our offices in: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and in the process of opening more

We operate in other Latin American countries, USA & Europe through our Network.

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“Business management is easier with Us”

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