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Legal Assistance

As part of our integral corporate advisory services, we have professionals who can provide legal services at the highest level and related to your needs and third parties’ including authorities, banks or even business partners.

Legal Advisory on the following topics:


Registration and Licensing for Operation in Central America

Operating in accordance with the local laws is a must. We believe in a strict compliance since the earliest stages of the registration process by local or foreign companies that are in the earliest stages. At MBOLEGAL we are thinking of the best structures tailored for your needs in any local startup and business venture.

Maintaining a Tax Domicile as well as a Resident Agent

We can assist in the compliance process when local agents are not available, and a formal request is received from tax and administrative authorities. We can provide resident agent services that will relay any information in a timely manner.

Maintenance of Corporate and Tax Obligations

With the enactment of new requirements, MBOLEGAL is a local ally, assisting in the registration, maintaining the local compliance with tax authorities, and can pay local taxes.

A multilevel assistance in any Startup Endeavor

Whether you plan a local expansion with local private investors, structuring joint corporate agreements, or expanding via IPO or Private Investors, MBOLEGAL may provide the best structures to assist the needs of you growing business.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

The absorption or purchase of local companies is a vehicle to increase your presence or lower the risk of a new market. We at MBOLEGAL can provide the appropriate steps for any expansion in the local market.

Review of Current Legal Structures

MBOLEGAL seeks to continually review the structures by which a business is organized in a continuous effort to improve the local structures under the latest rulings and regulations.

Advise in the compliance of Tax Issues

MBOLEGAL is aware of the latest regulations and requirements that local authorities demand. It i sour goal to take preventive actions when advisable and be prepared for audits and local compliance. Having identified and prepared the information that is required for an audit is a first step to prevent later problems with audits.

Trademark Registration

In these competitive commercial world, MBOLEGAL believes in the protection of the trademarks that represent the recognition and value of your business. MBOLEGAL has the capacity to provide prior studies of availability of trademarks, registration and legal defense of trademarks.


MBOLEGAL provides the appropriate services for keeping Board member´s minutes, we can also prepare and document Stockholder General assemblies for both compliance purposes with financial institutions as well as with investors.

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